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The Silver Fenrir

Gender: Any. Seed bearer or egg bearer.

Most silver Deltas are egg-bearers, and the majority are fertile. They control their cycles and can and will break off into Matriarch packs. They have multiple offspring (twins) with each pregnancy. Unless the offspring is an Alpha, then it will be a singleton.

Leaders, planners, organizers. Business, science, diplomats, and often highly intelligent and logical. When there are skirmishes, they are the ones who break it up. They are often the most integrated with society and adaptable. Will work within multiple packs and move pack to pack without a problem. If they take a partner, it’s often for life. Egg-bearing females often take multiple Beta males.

Male Deltas are inclined to be monogamous and they are 99% sterile. They usually choose green Deltas or an Omega. Males often clash with Betas because the Betas can physically dominate them but Deltas easily outsmart them.

On very, very rare occasions, a silver Delta will choose a Beta. However, that Beta will be less aggressive and smaller than a normal Beta. Still male only. They often don’t do well with a meta pack or being housed with other Betas because they are higher intelligence like a Delta. More than a few have become wanderers because they don’t fit in. They easily merge with society and can hide.

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