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Wolves Incarnate Series

2021 Winner

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Nox (Wolves Incarnate book1) by MM romance author Adrienne Wilder

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Holy Story.

...It is not your regular supernatural story which is amazing. I honestly loved this story so much. It has action and mystery, supernatural, and a nice hint of romance.

NOX (Wolves Incarnate book 1)

A nude man invades Luca Suarez's home and protects him from creatures who cannot exist.
Creatures hunting him.

The stranger can't tell Luca why. He can't even tell Luca his name.

He remembers nothing until the moment he sees Luca.

The only hint Luca has to the stranger's identity is a tattoo on his wrist: N o X

Nox doesn't know who he is, but he's sure of three things, his memory loss is temporary, the monsters chasing Luca are called Anubis, and his Alpha, Koda, sent Nox to protect him.

There's just one problem… Koda is Luca's brother who was murdered five years ago.

With each passing hour, Nox fills in the pieces painting an impossible truth. And with each passing hour, both men find themselves unexplainably attracted to each other.

Something Luca is willing to embrace because he has nothing left to lose.

And one Nox can't let happen because it could get Luca killed.

*Nox is a HEA/HFN m/m paranormal, science-fiction romance.
But be warned, these are NOT the shifters you are used to reading about.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐There goes my sleep....

It's NOT a shifter story, this is so much MORE, the relationships between the characters- Luca, Nox, and Koda & Co- are complex and beautiful and an amazing take on the bare foundation of alpha/omega with their own twist, something I wish other writers would maybe try out further in the future, touching on so many different issues I'm surprised it wasn't twice as long as it is! ...

...This is gritty, fast-paced, hot as hell, horrifying and I absolutely blame it for my very late night (or early morning) on this book, it's perfect for someone who wants to read something that's totally in a league of its own according to my own humble opinion on the matter.


Anubis (Wolves Incarnate book 2)

It was supposed to be over: The Utah Facility discovered, New World Genetics dismantled, and the people hunting Luca, dead.

Finally, Nox and Luca could start their life together.

Then strangers, who call themselves Varu, come to Luca for help. 

They call him Cana and claim he’s the only one who can bring back their wolves.

The Varu tell Luca and Nox how a people called Mah are responsible for the atrocities of the Utah facility, unearthing the ichor and infecting Nox with the Anubis.

How the creature will consume Nox’s mind.

How he will become the monster.

Then it will destroy Luca.

But they can stop that from happening if Nox is willing to risk death by letting them purge him of the ichor. 

As far as Nox is concerned, it’s a small price to pay to keep Luca safe.

Luca can’t convince Nox that the Anubis isn’t the mindless entity the Varu claim it to be, that it’s not a danger to him or anyone else. 

When Nox won’t listen to reason, Luca decides to use the Anubis to help him save the man he loves.
After all, Luca is Nox’s Alpha.

And the Anubis is really Luca’s wolf to call.

*MM Dark Paranormal romance, high-heat, heart-pounding action, twists and turns, colorful world-building, devoted couple, size difference, protective alpha male, epic monster battles, love at all costs, self-sacrifice, never give up, genetic manipulation, and unstoppable determination. 

This is the sequel to NoX. Books must be read in order. HFN ending.

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Are you ready for
Let the Cana pick your Fenrir.


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