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The Brown Fenrir

Gender: Any. Not fertile and usually androgynous. Passive, shy, even withdrawn when young. Dreamers who prefer nature and quiet. They don’t do well in society and can be naive. Need the pack to look out for them. Browns are the most likely to be exploited by a pack and used as bargaining chips for alliances because they will run like an Urja. This makes the Betas more aggressive, protective, and stronger. Numerous browns can add strength to a pack, but not like an Urja. They prefer monogamy but rarely get it.

There have been feuds among Beta-led packs to steal them from each other.

Browns are highly in tune with the pack and so empathic that turmoil can cause them great distress. Deltas make the best partners for them because they prefer monogamy but Deltas lack the strength to fight Betas for the tie. However, it does happen in Delta run packs where there are no Betas. Tied browns have to be kept with their partner or they will die. This often leads to Deltas being taken with browns if a pack is raided for them. Deltas do not fare well in this situation.

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