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Currently writing

*Bound Gods 11: The Call of Doxies (85% done)

*Bound Gods 12: Sacrifice (series end) (75% done, on hold till book 11 is done)

*The Darkest Hour ( 95
% done)

*Left Hand of Evil - PNR suspense

*Evolution - scifi romance/horror

*? (Ilene) - dirty, funny Hallmark story with and old men couple and a young men couple

*? - urban fantasy with cool magic system, warlocks, witches, mages


Next newsletter - July 2

(sort of...I have an account and figuring out how to use it!)

Award winning novel Nox is a MM Sci-fi romance series by Adrienne Wilder

Adrienne Wilder is a best-selling author of gay romance books across many genres. He writes urban fantasy, contemporary, science fiction, supernatural thrillers, and suspense with a strong romance element, a dark edge, and always a happy ever after.

He has over forty books published and all can be found for free on Kindle Unlimited

Check out his artwork on Instagram, and Patreon.

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