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The Blue Fenrir

Gender: Male. Seed-bearer or egg-bearer.

Usually identifiable as preteens for being unnaturally big. Egg-bearing males will have a hormone surge that will result in a massive growth spurt (painful and ugly). And develop male traits, including genitalia. They will not, however, lose their female organs]. Technically they could carry young—although this is almost unheard of due to testosterone levels.

Aggressive, high sex drive, and protection drive. Not always the smartest, but they are physically the strongest as either the wolf or the Varu. They live to protect and will die for their pack without hesitation. They are headstrong and have a hard time accepting they are not indestructible. They are almost always chosen to sire get in matriarch packs. Once they have been used for a generation of get, they will never be used again. They can tie with a single Varu and be monogamous, but their sex drive can be unhealthy for a single partner. If they do tie, they are usually older and more “settled” and often post-breeding choices.

Blues are fiercely loyal and do not like to move to another pack. Doing so often results in dominance confrontations.

Betas are the primary Varu that Hunt the Urja.

Betas need Hunts. Without them, they can become volatile.

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